Are you surprised the ITIL Complementary Qualification Scheme is to be withdrawn?

AXELOS©, the owners of the ITIL® methodology, has announced that on 31 March 2015 the ITIL Complementary Qualification Scheme will be withdrawn. The ITIL complementary qualifications cover many disparate subjects that are linked to ITIL best practice and are recognised as part of the current certification portfolio.

Exam candidates who have already taken or that have registered to take an exam before the end of March 2015 under the ITIL Complementary Qualification Scheme will still be able to use the credits from the complementary qualifications towards their ITIL Expert certification.

But why withdraw these qualifications?

There doesn’t seem to be consensus on why AXELOS has decided to withdraw these qualifications. Some, particularly in the training market, feel the withdrawal is short-sighted. Others feel that Examination Institutes had developed confusing and overlapping qualifications and thus the whole scheme needed simplification.

It has been suggested AXELOS themselves may develop a replacement scheme.

Will the withdrawal of these qualifications have an impact on ITIL students?

The simple answer is no. ITIL Foundation students should concentrate on studying for the ITIL Foundation exam via either a classroom-based course, e-learning or using accredited materials for self-study, such as:

Passing Your ITIL Foundation Exam Edition – 2011 Edition

ITIL Foundation Handbook – 2011 Edition

Service management professionals looking to become ITIL Experts should continue on with their studies using an accredited course, such as our ITIL All Access Online Training (360 Day Online Subscription) and accredited study aids such as Passing your ITIL Managing Across the Lifecycle Exam.

In all, there will be very little impact.

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