Are we all project managers now?

Modern life is full of complexity – we all undertake many different tasks at home and at work. In a sense, we all function as project managers, whether it is planning a holiday for our families or planning a major new initiative at work.

We often don’t realise we are using the basic skills of project management such as planning, budgeting, organising, negotiating and so forth, though we are all, in fact, managing projects.

It seems fair to say we are all, to a greater or lesser extent, project managers in our own right even though we don’t have the words ‘project manager’ in in our title of ‘husband’, ‘wife’ or ‘partner’, or maybe not even in our job title at work.

No doubt we could all benefit from following the guidance in the PRINCE2® manual or using some of the best practices in the PMBOK® Guide, Fifth Edition when planning a holiday – though most of the time that would seem like overkill in our private lives.

But what about in day-to-day work activities? Surely, we could at least benefit from having read a source of best practice on the basics of project management so we are equipped for the challenges of the modern work environment?

With project management being such a key skill that is so essential to the modern organisation, shouldn’t it be a key consideration for all staff to receive at least some introductory material on the subject of project management?

I think so…