Are organisations losing potential employees to the dark side?

Last week, 22-year-old David Ray Camez was sentenced to 20 years in prison for his participation in the notorious “one-stop-shop for credit card data” website, There is no denying that Camez is a talented cyber criminal and possesses many skills (apart from how to not get caught), so it’s unfortunate that he decided to apply his talent to the darker side of hacking.

What caused Camez to go down the wrong path?

Either Camez was a man of bad decisions or there were no organisations willing to give a highly skilled young man a chance. Cyber crime is one of the few criminal activities that can actually be turned around into a successful career, so it’s likely Camez was aware he could become a good guy but decided a life of cyber crime had more to offer.

A cyber crime gang boss recently offered a Ferrari to whoever can come up with the best cyber scam, making it difficult for organisations to persuade hackers to help protect their data rather than steal it.

What organisations can do to entice skilled individuals

Organisations that want to decrease the amount of cyber attacks they suffer need to hire staff that are skilled in cyber security. The skills of a cyber professional are in high demand, so it’s vital that organisations do what they can to keep them on their side, such as:

  • Provide a competitive salary
  • Offer rapid career development

Organisations that provide their staff with the ability to expand their skills and then increase their salary to meet those skills are more likely to attract and keep hold of cyber professionals.

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