Are Agile IT services the way forward?

One thing that is becoming apparent in the service management blogosphere is that Agile seems to be gaining quite a lot of attention over other approaches such as ITIL® and ISO20000.

Not a day seems to go by without there being an article or blog published on the subject of Agile and its use in delivering IT services. DevOps is one approach rooted in Agile that seems to be gaining quite a lot of attention.

But is Agile really the way forward?

The answer to this is that for some, yes, Agile will be the way forward. For others, the way forward will be to use ITIL, ISO20000, COBIT® 5 or even a mixture of different approaches, leveraging the bits of each framework that work for them – whatever is pragmatic.

It is undeniable that the flexibility and integration that Agile offers over other approaches will be a draw for some, although it isn’t going to usurp ITIL’s place as the leading service management framework overnight.

But, given time, who knows?

Want to find out more about ITIL or Agile? If you do, visit the IT Governance website for ITIL and Agile publications.


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  1. Dave Jones 31st July 2014
    • Dean 30th December 2014