Appropriate software. Ensuring that operating systems are up-to-date. Education.

These 3 factors have been identified by the ISC (Intelligence and Security Committee), as the fundamental components to protect yourself and your organization from cyber attacks and minimize cyber threats.

By putting in place appropriate firewall and anti-virus software, organizations can protect their networks, but the appropriate software won’t help to educate your staff and statistics suggest that most errors and information breaches can be traced back to people.

How aware are you of the risks facing your organization?

How aware is your CEO of these risks?

An Information Security Management System is a hands on approach to understand the threats and risks your company faces. No one risk can be applicable to every single organization, they are all different. I mean – ok, yes – there are some common risks that larger organizations face. However, like everything you have worked hard towards achieving; uniqueness, innovative ideas, building a business in today’s market – fighting for the top spot amongst your competition. All of these attributes are individual to your organization. The risks will be too.

It is in your best interest to protect the assets of your organisation, from staff vetting and training through to customer orders, pay-roll, and the inevitable ‘the system is down. We will try and get this resumed ASAP!’.

Quite realistically, in that time you could be robbed of all the information that you need for your organisation to survive, and the fact that it has been taken will become criminal – in some instances prosecutable.

Just think, the years of hard work to build and develop a business, maybe you have seen two recessions, maybe this is your first – but you are surviving right? Don’t throw it away because you haven’t protected yourself effectively because you thought it could wait another year, grab the bull by its horns and InfoSec it up!!!

We are all doing it.

If you are a CEO reading this – do it. If you are a CIO reading this – do it. If you are a teleworker reading this – do it. Ask questions and research. This is important.

Stand-up to CyberCrime!