An Introduction to Hacking & Crimeware

Cybercrime is on the rise. Unchecked, it could destroy the entire global cyber infrastructure and wipe out many businesses. We need to defend ourselves against it, and we must fight back.

Know your enemy

An Introduction to Hacking & Crimeware is a comprehensive guide to the most recent and the more serious threats. Knowing about these threats will help you understand how to ensure that your computer systems are protected and that your business is safe, enabling you to focus on your core activities.

An Introduction to Hacking & Crimeware: A Pocket Guide An Introduction to Hacking & Crimeware: A Pocket Guide
by Victoria Loewengart

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Your business could be at risk

Protect your business against cyber threats by complying with ISO 27001 – the best-practice specification for an Information Security Management System (ISMS). An ISMS is a systematic approach to managing confidential or sensitive corporate information so that it remains secure. ISO 27001 sets out specific requirements for which your organisations’ ISMS can be audited and certified.

ISO 27001 is recognised worldwide and will help your company beat cyber crime.

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