An Agile Approach to Project Management

In today’s challenging economic climate, organisations faced with limited budgets and frozen staffing levels need proven, common-sense approaches to maximise their productivity. Agile approaches are business practices with a proven track record for helping organisations achieve greater efficiency, higher-quality outputs and increased customer satisfaction.

They enable organisations to avoid the trappings of extensive up-front planning and up-front budget commitments by encouraging staff to regularly produce high-value business outputs; and by basing ongoing financial and resource commitments on the delivered outcomes.

This focus on responsive planning based on tangible outputs is why Agile approaches have been successfully used in selected industries for over two decades.

Agile Principles Unleashed shows how organisations in every industry sector can benefit by using proven, common-sense Agile approaches to deliver successful outcomes across a full range of business activities.

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Agile Principles Unleashed – Proven approaches for achieving real productivity gains in any organisation

Agile Principles Unleashed The book clearly explains how the key principles of Agile approaches can be used to significantly increase productivity, quality and customer satisfaction in every business activity at your organisation. Written in non-technical language specifically for business professionals, this book is an essential tool for anyone whose job it is to deliver high-quality results on time and to budget.

Improve your organisation’s performance and achieve consistently better results …
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