Agile Principles Unleashed

An essential tool for anyone whose job it is to deliver high quality results on time and to budget!

Agile approaches are business practices with a proven track record for helping organisations to achieve greater efficiency, higher quality outputs and increased customer satisfaction. The basic concept behind Agile is that organisations must adapt to change. Agile principles, therefore, encourage staff to produce high quality business outputs at regular intervals, basing ongoing financial and resource commitments on the delivered outcomes. In this way, they enable organisations to avoid the trappings of extensive up-front planning and up-front budget commitments.

Agile Principles Unleashed is available for pre-purchase shows how you can use Agile principles to improve productivity, quality and customer satisfaction, whatever your organisation. Written in non-technical language that will appeal to business professionals, the book is an essential tool for anyone whose job it is to deliver high quality results on time and to budget.

Agile Principles Unleashed: Proven approaches for achieving real productivity gains in any organisation

Over the past two decades, Agile approaches have had a revolutionary impact on software development in many small- and medium-sized IT companies, as well as big corporations like Microsoft, Yahoo! and Google. Thanks to their focus on responsive planning and tangible outputs, Agile approaches have also led to dramatic improvements in the product development and manufacturing sectors.

Agile Principles Unleashed presents common-sense methods that will help your organisation to complete projects faster and to a higher standard.

Benefits of introducing Agile:

  • Minimise wasteIf a project is heavily planned in advance, but its results are only tested after the work has been completed, then any flaw will be very expensive to put right. Instead, Agile approaches promote stakeholder engagement, and encourage feedback at successive stages of the development process. This means that problems can be detected earlier on, and put right at a much lower cost to the organisation.
  • Improve communicationNo matter how precise the blueprint, it is never going to be a substitute for the close co-operation between people of different skills that is required to bring a project to fruition. This book shows you how to achieve results that are aligned with business needs by keeping the technical team in close contact with the business area as the project progresses.
  • Empower the teamAgile approaches allow a delivery team to determine the volume of work that they are capable of delivering within the individual phases of a project. In this way, delivery teams are given a sense of responsibility for completing the assignment within the timeframe they have set themselves, and feel motivated to deliver work of a quality that will continue to satisfy the stakeholders.
  • Meet deadlinesAgile is designed to avoid the business risks involved in ‘all-at-once’ delivery, where a glitch during one stage of the project throws the entire effort out of kilter, and results in serious delays in completion. This book shows how you can accommodate inevitable internal and external changes through responsive planning. By following Agile principles, staff members no longer have to wait several weeks or months for an updated plan to be agreed, but can quickly adjust their working in line with the new priorities. In this way, Agile will help you to avoid project overrun and to make good your commitments.

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