Accredited TickITplus Foundation Course

Our TickITplus Foundation Course is strongly recommended for all entrants to the TickITplus scheme, preparing them for taking the TickITplus Foundation Examination. This 2-day, comprehensive course provides:

  • An understanding of the TickITplus concepts and materials;
  • An overview of the scheme and its operation, covering all basic concepts;
  • A basic understanding of the concepts of process capability assessments and the role of Base Processes Library (BPL);
  • A basic knowledge of the relevant standards;
  • Assessors and Practitioners with the skills need to perform assessments at Foundation level.
  • Includes the accredited exam

Take this accredited course on 15-16 December 2011 if you are new to, and wish to study the learning path of TickITplus. 

Understand the basics of TickITplus with this accredited course!

TickITplus Foundation Training Course TickITplus Foundation Training Course
in London EC4N

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This classroom based course will include a mixture of exercises, scenarios and case studies to help you gain an understanding of TickITplus. Upon completion of the course and examination pass, delegates will receive the necessary requirements for entry to the Foundation grade for Assessors and Practitioners.

Understand the basics of TickITplus with this accredited course!