A Weekend Away – But Who Has My Credit Card Details?

So I was sitting at my desk this afternoon, contemplating a weekend away after payday. Nothing exuberant, but maybe a little city break to Edinburgh, it’s a wonderful place. Ironically, as I began to peruse hotel prices and availability I received an email entitled ‘An Important Message From Travelodge’. Was some marketing exec’ reading my mind? No. It was indeed the latest in a worrying trend of major brands and organisations being subject to a cyber attack.

In this instance, and I thank Travelodge for informing me of this, some of Travelodge’s customers had received a spam email via the email address to which they are registered on the Travelodge site. They assure me that they have not sold my customer data and no financial information has been compromised. I breathed a little easier.

Travelodge stated that they are compliant with all the requisite PCI (Payment Card Industry) regulations. And they informed me that the safety and security of my personal information ‘is of the utmost importance to us and as a result we are conducting a comprehensive investigation into this issue’.

I hope that a full and rigorous penetration test is what they have in mind.

Over the past few months it seems that a day hasn’t gone by without a media story about a cyber attack. And it’s not just governmental organisations, huge companies that we all use, including Google, Sony, Nintendo, and now Travelodge; it seems there is no discrimination amongst cyber criminals. It makes you wonder, if those in possession of our personal and financial information, actually have it under metaphorical lock and key.

As for my weekend trip to Edinburgh, I think I might stay home for the weekend instead, and go through all the online companies I’ve given my sensitive information to.