A Pen Test Could Save Your Business

Last week the Australian domain hosting company Distribute.IT, and its sister company Click n Go, were forced to sell up to a larger competitor after they were the subject of a crippling cyber attack. On the 11th June the Melbourne based company lost more than 4800 websites hosted on their servers. As Distribute.IT’s backup services were held online, hackers were able to cause irreparable and permanent damage to backup systems and core services.

To Distribute.IT’s horror, when they attempted to stabilise the network they identified ‘further vulnerabilities in the configuration’ and they advised customers to ‘make preparations to migrate and transfer your requirements to another hosting/co-location provider.’

What is surprising, and what has infuriated customers of Distribute.IT, is that they had no physical back-up of the data and no disaster recovery plan.

The Netregistry Group moved quickly to buy Distribute.IT and provide as much assistance to customers as possible. Netregistry stated that they will provide a free hosting service for Distribute’s customer as soon as possible.

The fact is that this attack could have been mitigated by a simple Pen Test. A Pen Test would have identified the weaknesses in Distribute.IT’s networks and systems and provide a clear plan on the actions required to ensure that networks and applications are genuinely secure.

At IT Governance we offer a range of penetration packages, designed to provide a complete solution for your organisation.

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ITG Pen Testing – Benefits

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  • Complete solution for the efficient and routine testing of your IT system
  • Ensuring that networks and applications are secure against cyber attacks
  • Agreed scope of testing delivered for known and fixed costs
  • Comprehensive report indentifying vulnerabilities and recommended remedial activity.

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As the attack on Distribute.IT has demonstrated, it isn’t just the huge brands like Sony, Fox and Nintendo who are at risk of a cyber attack. Cyber security is a real and present issue for every organisation that operates on line. Failure to take this issue seriously could just cost you your business.

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