A Lean, mean, ITSM machine

I have been perplexed over the years as to how Lean and ITSM can interface and deliver superior results for organisations. The main theory behind the Lean methodology is to maximise customer and user value whilst eliminating waste. ITSM on the other hand deals with delivering IT services that meet the customer’s expected level of both utility (fitness for purpose) and warranty (fitness for use).

Bearing these two perspectives in mind, it could be said that combining them to deliver IT services is a natural progression in the development of the ethos of delivering value in IT services.

In their book, Lean IT, Steven C Bell and Michael A Orzen advocate an approach to integrating Lean and ITIL® (the most widely used framework for ITSM), delivering IT services that are fit for purpose and use, whilst eliminating waste.

IT transformation has been one of the most widely discussed subjects for many years. If you wish to deliver real value with your IT services and eliminate waste – the route to follow is clear – became a Lean, mean ITSM machine using the approach in Lean IT.

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