A Huge Cyber Attack Is Coming

A recent report by the Intelligence and National Security Alliance has given a stark warning to the US: we aren’t taking cyber security seriously enough. The report states that the US must increase its development of cyber intelligence and its cyber defenses. The current practice of reactionary action to cyber attacks is merely masking a problem that requires a complete overhaul from the top down, including Government Offices, businesses and individuals. The independent Intelligence and National Security Alliance says the current approach of ‘patch and pray’ could ultimately prove catastrophic:

“The impact has increased in magnitude, and the potential for catastrophic collapse of a company has grown”

The report was echoed in the words of General Keith Alexander last week, the commander of the US Cyber Command and director of the National Security Agency. Addressing the ‘Maneuvering in Cyberspace’ symposium General Alexander stated that a huge cyber attack “is coming, in my opinion. It’s a question of time”.

Alexander estimated the cybercrime currently costs the global economy around $1 trillion a year, and that the introduction of malicious malware had reached 55,000 a day, equivalent to one per second.

Alexander called the fight against cyber crime a team sport, and called on the public and private sector to work together to create an aligned, strategic and comprehensive approach to cyber security.

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