95% of UK organisations not compliant with the new cookies law

The deadline for the introduction of the new cookies legislation is fast approaching. On the 26th May the Information Commissioner will impose the new EU directive aimed at protecting the privacy of the individual on line.

The regulations make it explicitly clear that websites need to gain consent from their visitors in order to store cookies on user’s computers. However a study of the UK’s 50 most visited websites, conducted in March by the privacy solutions provider Truste, highlighted that 95% still were non compliant with the new law.

The report also found that users could encounter up to 140 cookies whilst browsing an individual site and that 68% of these belonged to third parties. This could be a major headache for businesses as they need to implement a solution for their own cookies management and that of the third party advertisers who they work with.

Dave Deasy, Truste’s Vice President of marketing, told the BBC “A lot of this starts with making sure companies understand what level of third-party tracking is actually happening on their sites – in many cases they don’t.”

The Information Commissioner is ready to take action against those who don’t take steps to comply with the new regulations. He also warned that relying on simple opt out schemes may not be sufficient to comply. Individuals need to be made aware of what the cookies will track, not just a simple opt in or out option. The Commissioner has the power to issue fines of up to £500,000, so it’s best to address this issue now.

This issue affects all UK organisations with a web presence. IT Governance offers a unique Cookies Audit Service that will quickly and cost-effectively ensure you are compliant with the new legalisation. Usually priced at £1,495, IT Governance is offering a special £995 price for any booking made in April.

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Source: ICO, BBC