95% of firms allow BYOD, yet only 35% have a BYOD policy in place

A report published by BT has found that 41% of organisations in the UK have been victims of mobile security breaches.

Worryingly, 20% of those that have suffered a breach haven’t just suffered one breach, but more than four.

Bring your own device (BYOD) is something that more and more organisations are embracing, but the research shows that only 35% of respondents that allow BYOD have a BYOD policy in place.

That’s right: 65% of organisations aren’t ensuring that their employees’ devices are secure enough to hold sensitive data, nor that the employees themselves know how to look after sensitive data.

Are you surprised that 10% of those questioned don’t even have password protection in place for their mobile devices?

It was also discovered that 33% of personal or corporate-owned devices had full access to the company’s internal network or sensitive client data.

Imagine that. Somebody you’ve never heard of or met before could lose their phone and cause your bank account to be emptied. Hey, it could happen.

Control your data

If you’re concerned that your employees are being let loose with the data they have on their devices, then you need to implement a BYOD policy. To learn more about BYOD, I invite you to download our free device security green papers >>