74% of organisations are vulnerable to insider threats

Employees have always posed a threat to business, and can be one of the weakest links in terms of protecting security.

According to the 2016 Insider Threat Spotlight Report, 74% of organisations feel vulnerable to insider threats, and only 42% have the appropriate controls in place to prevent such an attack. 56% of security professionals say that insider threats have become more frequent in the past 12 months and over 75% of organisations estimate that insider breach remediation costs could reach $500,000 (£403,000).

Educating your staff about the security risks they could face (tailgating, phishing emails, etc.) and the damage they could cause themselves (sharing passwords, distributing unencrypted customer data, etc.) could significantly reduce your insider threat.

How to strengthen your staff awareness programme

Staff awareness training is often the best way to keep your employees informed, but having supporting reading material to hand can also help improve the learning process.

IT Governance’s publishing division, ITGP, produces all of its titles in customisable formats that can be branded with your company logo.

Not only does this add credibility and gravitas to your staff training, it also demonstrates your commitment to guidance from leading industry experts.

Having market-leading books to hand for your employees to draw upon, can help you to create a culture of security within your workplace.

About ITGP’s branded publishing service

ITGP has worked with a wide range of companies — including Intel, Accenture and BT — to create customised titles for their employees.

Two-Factor Authentication – branded for Duo Security

The Quantum Age of IT – branded for Intel IT Center

Securing Cloud Services – branded for Capgemini

Custom branding of ITGP titles is available at no extra cost for minimum orders of 100 copies.

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