71 UK Information Laws – Which Ones Do You Need To Comply With?

There are over 70 information-related laws and statutes currently in force in the UK. Your organisation needs to know what laws you have to comply with and how to ensure compliance.

The ISO27001 Compliance Database is the only product on the market that holds a repository of all these laws. Moreover, it will help you identify and achieve compliance against them. Updated for 2011, the ISO27001 Compliance Database includes 10 new laws and offers regular updates (depending on the subscription period) as and when new laws are published.

ISO27001 Compliance Database ISO27001 Compliance Database

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For those implementing ISO27001 there is a requirement that your ISMS takes ‘into account business and legal or regulatory requirements, and contractual security obligations’. The Compliance Database is the most cost-effective way to meet this requirement.

The ISO27001 Compliance Database will help organisations ensure that they know which laws and regulations to comply with and have selected appropriate controls to ensure they are actually in compliance.

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