70% of UK businesses outsource cyber security

A new report suggests that increasing numbers of businesses in the UK are handing over their cyber security to third parties because their own budgets and skills are not increasing fast enough to address proliferating threats.

The Pierre Audoin Consultants (PAC) study, Is Cyber Security now too hard for enterprises? Cyber Security trends in the UK, found that “[the] double whammy of insufficient funds and a scarcity of skills appears to be driving organisations towards external resources, including outsourcing, even though there is a clear reluctance to do this.”

Despite organisations’ reluctance to use third parties for cyber security, “70% of enterprises outsource at least some of their security”.

An alternative to outsourcing

Organisations that want to improve their cyber security but think they do not have the budget or skills needed to implement appropriate solutions do, however, have an alternative to outsourcing.

An information security management system (ISMS), as set out in the international standard for information security management, ISO 27001, is an enterprise-wide approach to information security that covers people, processes and technology, and will enable any organisation to secure its corporate data assets.

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It is aimed at organisations that have little or no management system expertise but do have some understanding of information security management, as well as the necessary available internal resources for executing the key project deliverables and a corporate culture of using best-in-class tools, skills and external guidance to accelerate learning and implementation to achieve its goals quickly and efficiently.

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