68% of boards are planning to rely on external cyber security experts

The rising number of cyber attacks targeting large organisations (TalkTalk, Etihad Airways and Hyatt, just to name a few) is making C-suite executives think more about their cyber defences and what they are risking: the brand’s reputation is their number one concern, according to the CGI’s cyber security in the boardroom report, making it much more important than a fall in share price or financial performance.

Lack of security professionals at the root of poor security strategies

Despite increased scrutiny of cyber security measures in light of recent attacks (81% of organisations), cyber security only makes the boardroom agenda every few months for half of all organisation surveyed. They recognise the importance of strengthening their defences, but they are not proactive in addressing the issue. The reason for this occasional commitment can be traced back to the lack of cyber security professionals. Consequently, boardrooms assign cyber security responsibilities to CEOs (38%) and CIOs (31%), but only 3% hire a specialist security officer.

But the reason they have the ultimate responsibility for cyber security matters is that they are the face of the company and, in the event of a breach, they will take the blame in front of media, customers and shareholders.

Need for cyber security experts

To address the matter, 68% of boards are planning to rely on external experts. Is your company in the same situation? Kill two birds with one stone. With the Cyber Essentials – Get A Little Help packaged solution, you can reduce the risk of falling victim of cyber attacks with the help of IT Governance security consultants, while remaining in full control of your security project. A two-hour online consultancy is all your CEO and CIO need to improve and strengthen their knowledge of cyber security, while the Cyber Essentials Toolkit will help them with the documentation required (policies, procedures, records, etc.). Hundreds of companies have already chosen IT Governance to get Cyber Essentials certified. See who they are.

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