6 Types of Managers – Which One Are You?

A recent study, by employment group Latpro, into leadership and management has identified 6 types of managers and their management styles. Which one are you?

The Control Freak: This person needs to have everything that is going on in the palm of her/his hand and likes to hoard information

The Autocrat: This manager does not care about his employees, and nothing anyone ever does is good enough to satisfy him. He/she is impossible to get along with and is convinced that he is the only competent person working in the company.

The Blame Fixer: This type of boss makes it his/her job to make everyone else responsible for fixing his/her problems. He/she takes no responsibility for his own employees, department, or results but is keen to take credit.

The Soft Heart: This person is soft, warm and fuzzy on the outside, yet lacks in being open and honest with you; only telling you what you want to hear.

The Politician: Charismatic, with something always positive to say. However, there is rarely any truth behind what he/she says.

The Team Builder: Competent, open, can solicit ideas and creativity – a pleasure to work with.

In reality, all managers are a combination of the above types.

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