6 reasons why you should conduct a pen test

Why should you conduct penetration testing?

With the number of cyber attacks increasing, it’s now more important then ever before to protect your systems.

Not only do we recommend you implement the best practices set out in ISO 27001 for your Information Security Management System (ISMS), we also suggest you conduct regular penetration testing to check for vulnerabilities within your system.

Effective penetration testing involves the simulation of a malicious attack conducted by certificated, ethical and professional testers (CREST). The results of a pen test will be extremely valuable to your organisation by providing you with a basis upon which your security measures can be improved upon.

Here are 6 strong reasons why you should consider conducting a pen test on your system:

  1. Reduces Risk
  2. Identifies Vulnerabilities
  3. Improves Your Systems
  4. Strengthens Your Defences
  5. Demonstrates Due Diligence
  6. Safeguards New Systems And Software

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