6 Good Reasons to engage a Pen Tester; Number 3

Events in cyberspace can happen at immense speed, outstripping traditional responses (for example, the exploitation of cyberspace can mean crimes such as fraud can be committed remotely, and on an industrial scale).” Source: The UK Cyber Security Strategy, Cabinet Office, 2011.

6 Good Reasons to hire our ‘Pen Testers’:

Number 3 of 6: Strengthen your defences: Pen testing helps safeguard your organisation against failure by helping you to put in place effective controls that: prevent financial losses through fraud (hackers, extortionists and disgruntled employees) or lost revenue due to unreliable business systems and processes.


Read all 6 Good Reasons for bringing in an IT Governance pen tester/ethical hacker and download our free White Paper and FAQ: information security, penetration testing and ISO 27001.

IT Governance Ltd is one of the fastest growing suppliers of ‘pen tests’. We produce regular detailed, easy-to-comprehend ‘traffic light reports’ for clients who value our skills, high level of service commitment, dedication and the independent stance of the people we employ to test their system.

Our ethical hackers can help you:

  • Protect your own and your customers data for a price that’s 100% affordable!
  • Assess your IT security controls when scoping an ISO27001 ISMS[i] project
  • Save money on cyber insurance premiums

Using our service will:

  • Segregate the testers from those running the network.
  • Provide you with:
    • Independent testing
    • Cost effective security assessments

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We also offer this value for money service on a contract basis for regular security assessments, pen tests and vulnerability/remediation reports, because …

Cybersecurity is NOT a Steady State!

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[i] ISMS = Information Security Management System.