£50 Million Stolen From Corporate Banks – How Cyber Secure Is Your Organisation?

Last week McAfee and Guardian Analytics released a joint report on “Operation High Roller” one of the largest cyber crimes in history. A group of cyber criminals has attacked the cloud based servers of at least 60 corporate banks in the UK, Europe and the US and have so far made off with £50 million pounds, with the attempted theft of £1.6 billion!

The question is, how cyber secure if your organisation?

The Cyber Security Assessment Tool is a cost-effective and innovative way of answering this critical question.

All businesses must ensure they protect themselves from the growing threat of cyber crime, hacking and data breaches, whilst ensuring the protection of their brand and customer information.

The Cyber Security Assessment Tool will enable you to quickly assess which areas of your business are cyber secure, and which are not. Using a straightforward traffic light matrix you will quickly be able to identify the vulnerabilities in your organization, what the threat level is and what impact this could have on your business.

The Cyber Security Assessment Tool The Cyber Security Assessment Tool

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The Cyber Security Assessment Tool is ideal for demonstrating to senior management and the Board where the key cyber vulnerabilities are. This tool is easy to use and gives you immediate answers and guidance on how to tackle your cyber security issues.

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If you are looking for a complete solution our Cyber Security Toolkit currently includes a set of fantastic free resources to help you deliver robust cyber security to your organistion.