5 ways ITIL can benefit your organisation

Any organisation that delivers IT services to its customers needs an effective way of managing those services. That’s where ITIL® (Information Technology Infrastructure Library®) comes in. It’s a set of detailed practices for IT service management (ITSM) that focuses on the end user rather than technology, aiming to provide IT services that are better aligned with organisations’ business needs.

ITIL has five volumes, each one focusing on a different aspect of ITSM to help organisations run more effectively:

  1. Service strategy: helps organisations understand their customers and how to develop and deliver IT services to meet their needs.
  2. Service design: helps organisations design an efficient and cost-effective service.
  3. Service transition: advises organisations on building and testing their design.
  4. Service operation: advises organisations on how to deliver and manage their service.
  5. Continual service improvement: provides a mechanism for improving the service and the technology and processes used in its management.

ITIL is the most widely adopted ITSM framework in the world, in both the public and private sectors, and its broad approach makes it suitable for organisations of any size or industry. Thousands of organisations have implemented ITIL, including Shell, HP, IBM, NASA, British Airways, Microsoft and the MoD.

There are many other benefits to adopting ITIL, including:

  • Alignment of IT solutions with business needs;
  • Realistic service levels;
  • Consistent, repeatable processes;
  • Efficient service delivery;
  • Improved services and processes;
  • Transparent costs and improved return on investment; and
  • Continual improvement based on regular measuring and monitoring.

Want to learn more about ITIL?

Our ITIL® Foundation (2 Day) Training Course teaches you the key facts about implementing ITIL. The course outlines the ITIL lifecycle; explains the terminology you need to know; raises your awareness of the selected processes, functions and roles involved in the framework, and helps you prepare and practise for the ITIL Foundation exam.

The course is ideal for those who require a basic understanding of ITIL, and IT professionals working within an organisation that has adopted ITIL.

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