5 Things You Didn’t Know About Internet Security

It’s surprising how little we know about Internet Security, Cybercrime and the true damage it can cause. Listed below are some startling facts that will make you think twice next time you hear a company has been hacked, or someone’s credit card information has been stolen…

  1. Every year cybercrime costs $100 billion more than the global black market of marijuana, cocaine and heroin combined
  2. 61% of people don’t use complex passwords or change them regularly, leaving their business and personal information vulnerable to cyber attacks
  3. Every second, 14  adults become a victim of cybercrime, which results in 1.2million people being affected every day, 8.4 million every week, 436.8 million every year.
  4. In 2000, a teenager attacked major internet companies like eBay, Amazon and Yahoo from his bedroom, causing $1.5 billion dollars worth of damage
  5. Approximately, 80% of all cyber crime is the result of insider attacks (e.g. someone who previously worked for the company)

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