47% of Britons aren’t happy with the rise of technology

A survey has revealed that 47% of Britons aren’t happy with the changes that technology is bringing to business and everyday life. Of those, 45% cite cyber security threats as their top reason.

Yet, Fujitsu’s Technology in a Changing Britain also found that just 6% of business leaders thought cyber crime was the biggest challenge faced by UK organisations.

Fujitsu polled 2,000 members of the public and more than 600 senior business decision makers in the UK, to understand their thoughts and expectations regarding the future role of technology in business and everyday life.

Commenting on the report, Rob Norris, VP head of enterprise & cyber security EMEIA, said:

Although organisational awareness is on the rise, many still struggle to put in place the right measures in place to safeguard employees, customers and the broader business. Because even the best-run company could suffer from a hack or data breach, organisations should adopt a two-pronged approach by complimenting employee training and awareness with continued investment in technical and security controls.

In doing so, businesses can be on the front foot for proactively identifying and managing threats instead of waiting for breaches to happen.

After all, cybercrime is not a probability, it is an inevitability and it will be the way in which businesses prepare for it however, that can make all the difference.

Norris’ comments reflect what many cyber security experts have been saying for a long time – particularly his remarks about the inevitability of cyber crime. Although this might seem counter-productive, it highlights the pervasiveness of cyber threats and debunks the belief that ‘criminals wouldn’t target my organisation’ or ‘we have nothing worth stealing’.

The recent surge in cyber attacks has proven that organisations of all sizes and in all sectors are under threat. There might be no way of preventing every single incident, but organisations should do all they can to stop attacks wherever possible and prepare for the eventuality of a breach.

Mitigating the risk

The most appropriate technological defences will vary between organisations, but the necessity for staff awareness is universal. However, it can be tough to create a course from scratch and find the time to sit employees down in a classroom.

IT Governance understands these issues, and offers two solutions to improve your employees’ awareness of cyber threats.

Our Information Security Staff Awareness E-Learning Course provides an overview of the issues your staff need to know, and can be completed at a time that’s convenient for them. All you need to do is provide them with a link to the course, tell them to complete it within a set timeframe and check that they’ve done so.

Larger organisations might want to go the extra mile, which is why we offer our Security Awareness Programme. This includes a comprehensive review of your cyber security practices and advice on how to improve them.

The course encourages employees to engage with cyber security policies and procedures, changes staff behaviour and achieves lasting security awareness by incorporating a variety of learning tools aligned with your unique requirements and organisational culture.