4 Cyber Security Videos You MUST Watch

A quick Google search for ‘Cyber Security Information’ will provide you with a list of over 100 million results. Most of these will be long, technical documents which may end up putting you off actually learning about cyber security.

For that reason, at IT Governance we have selected four cyber security videos which we believe to be entertaining, informative and for the non-technical audience.

#1 Cyber Security Evolved

In less than 300 seconds you can experience the speed and intensity of a cyber attack. Today companies can defend themselves, taking control of the situation – effectively fighting back. Are you prepared?

#2 Barnaby Jack Hacks ATM at Black Hat

In this video, ethical hacker Barnaby Jack shows the vulnerabilities in ATM’s which allows him to ‘jackpot’ them. Barnaby Jack sadly passed away this year, several weeks before he was scheduled to give another highly anticipated Black Hat presentation.

#3 Cyber Security: People, Process and Technology

The three fundamental domains of effective cyber security are: people, process and technology. This video explains in further detail how these three domains are connected.

#4 In the Realm of the Hackers

This rather long, but thrilling documentary uncovers  the story of two teenage hackers. In 1989, two Melbourne teenage hackers known as Electron and Phoenix stole a restricted computer security list and used it to break into some of the world’s most classified and supposedly secure computer systems. So fast and widespread was the attack, no-one could work out how it had happened – until one of the hackers called The New York Times to brag.

Ten years after their arrest, this dramatised documentary uncovers not only how they did it but why. It takes us headlong into the clandestine, risky but intoxicating world of the computer underground.