36% of UK adults don’t know what phishing is

The UK Cybersecurity Perceptions Study published by ISACA reveals a gap between cyber security perceptions and reality. Although 79% of the 2,000 UK users interviewed claim to feel confident in their ability to protect their sensitive data, 36% don’t know what phishing is and – worse – 19% fell for the bait in phishing emails.

Lack of cyber security training

The reason for this gap lies in the lack of cyber security training: more than half of UK consumers say that they don’t receive any security training from their employer. Consequently, it shouldn’t be surprising that companies have data breaches caused by employees. I agree with what Christos Dimitriadis, chair of ISACA’s board of directors, said: “By failing to educate employees, organisations are leaving themselves more vulnerable to attack”.

The three prongs of strong cyber security

An effective cyber security strategy is based on people, processes and technology. These three facets should cooperate and create a cohesive protection to reduce the risk of data breaches. No matter how much time and money is spent creating processes and implementing technology to defend the company’s boundaries, if employees do not follow guidelines, the whole castle collapses.

Again, I agree with Mr Dimitriadis: “The human factor is critical when creating cybersecurity capability, and education based on practical guidance is key to reducing the related business risks”. Moreover, a culture that promotes cyber security within the workplace is beneficial to employees’ understanding of cyber risks and gives them motivation to avoid security incidents. You can read more about this in Build a Security Culture.

Improve cyber security awareness

If you want to know more about phishing attacks, how to recognise a phishing scam and the best practices to follow to avoid being the next victim, a Phishing Staff Awareness e-learning course is what you need. Packed with real-life examples, tips and tricks, you can easily improve your awareness of phishing attacks and make sure you won’t swallow the bait.

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