35 Million Accounts Hacked in South Korea

The BBC has reported that 35 million accounts were hacked in South Korea, with information such as names, phone numbers and email addresses being stolen. The attacks were directed at popular South Korean social networking sites; Cyworld and Nate web portal. Chinese hackers are believed to be behind the attack, as South Korea has claimed to have “traced the source of the incursion back to computer IP addresses based in China”. 

The hack came after a long string of attacks directed at South Korea. A Government backed bank, Hyundai Capital, Government ministries, the National Assembly, the country’s military HQ and networks of US Forces based in Korea have all been subjected to hacking schemes in recent months.

Question: So, what’s next for South Korea, and indeed the world? How can we protect ourselves from vicious attacks like the one above?

Answer: I believe that there needs to be a unified approach by governments across the world in tackling cybercrime. At times it feels that hackers are always one step ahead in terms of technology, software and strategy. Only when we work together will we be able to finally crack down and beat cybercrime.

Until that time comes, we have to protect ourselves; look after our business’ data and look after customer’s information.

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