3 reasons hackers love SMEs

A KPMG and Be Cyber Streetwise survey discovered that SMEs aren’t as concerned about cyber security as big corporations. Despite cyber attacks increasing in number and violence, and making the news around the world, around half of all respondents from small and medium-sized companies think “it’s unlikely or very unlikely that they’d be a target for an attack”.

But they are wrong because of three reasons, as shown by this infographic from staysafeonline.org:

Hackers prey on the weak

From a cyber criminal’s point of view, small is synonymous with weak. SMEs are believed to have fewer resources in terms of money, time and personnel to deal with cyber security, and that’s why they are prone to cyber attacks – findings confirmed that in 2015, 74% of small businesses had a security breach, up from 60% in 2014.

Hackers love internal access

Cyber criminals understand that the weakest part of a company is its staff – 31% of SMEs experienced staff-related security breaches last year. Using phishing emails and social engineering tactics, they look for a way into the company by getting ‘legitimate’ credentials, which are much less likely to get spotted than by using more ‘traditional’ hacking techniques.

Hackers love what small businesses have to offer

From customers’ details to suppliers’ confidential information, SMEs are a source of invaluable data for cyber criminals, and they are often exploited to gain entry to larger corporations’ supply chains – do you remember how the Target data breach started?

Cyber Essentials guide for SMEs

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