3 Common Project Management Problems

There are many issues which affect a project, below I’ve looked at 3 that I’ve personally experienced on several occasions.

Project Sponsors

The training of project sponsors is essential in the success of a project. Too often a project sponsor doesn’t sufficiently understand the expectations, intricacies or scope of the project and this can lead to issues later on down the line.

A well informed, well trained project sponsor is more likely to be able to release resources when they are required, help ensure the project is on track and assist if the project encounters unexpected difficulties.

Changes to the scope

A project should have an established scope before it begins, a defined goal and a clear plan of steps of how this shall be achieved. On many projects, however, the scope of the project can change throughout the process of the project. This is not always a bad thing, and is dependent upon what the project ultimately delivers and how this affects the business. All changes to a project scope should be documented through the Change Management Process and the success of a project should be judged against the Scope Statement, which will include all the project Change Requests.

Development without the end user in mind

We’ve all been there… the project has been conducted in a ‘loose’ manor and the development team are already working on a solution. The project needs to be turned around quickly and a solution is being developed before all the requirements and end user’s input has been taken into consideration.

I’ll use the example of an improvement to the Content Management System (CMS) for the team working on the front end of a website. The new version of the CMS is delivered to the content team and although it fulfils all the criteria from the developer’s perspective (i.e. the new function has been added), the new version of the CMS is barely useable due to its long winded and complex nature. The improvement is by all measures, useless to the content team.  In my own experience, projects without the end users input, are often doomed from the start.

These issues and another 47 are discussed in the really informative 50 Top IT Project Management Challenges.

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