29.2% of data breaches could be avoided just by insisting on encrypted USB sticks.

Keep a step ahead, and stay out of trouble – deploy easy-to-use encrypted USB sticks today!

Introducing SafeXs – The Next Generation Safestick

SafeXs is a fully hardware encrypted USB flash drive, fully managable by SafeConsole.

Approved to FIPS 197/FIPS140-2 and CESG Government standards, all portable data is 100% safe if the drive is lost. There are NO backdoors.

For management, SafeConsole enforces full, granular control, policy enforcement and auditing over an organisation’s SafeXs devices, and enables a host of productivity and management features.

For a limited time only, we are offering SafeConsole Lite free with a purchase of 25 sticks or more

SafeXs FIPS 197 USB Stick Silver Package SafeXs FIPS 197 USB Stick Silver Package
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Various capacity options available:
FIPS 197 from just £48 and FIPS 140-2 from just £76.50


SafeConsole key features include:

  • Remotely KILL lost or stolen sticks
  • Full audit of all SafeXs use
  • Centrally backup / restore of user data
  • Reset forgotten user passwords via challenge / response
  • Push files and applications from a Central location to SafeXs
  • Full protection from malware such as Conficker
  • Create trusted zones of users
  • Restrict files from being transferred in and out of the network
  • Write protect the drives so they can only be read outside of the company network
  • …plus much, much more.

Over 1 million SafeXs USB sticks are now in use in the NHS helping to keep patient data and other confidential data secure!

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