23% of UK consumers are very likely to stop doing business with a hacked organisation

This figure demonstrates the rising awareness of information security and data protection among consumers. A total of 75% of UK consumers are likely to put an end to any business relationship with breached organisations, according to Centrify.

Moreover, those who are more likely to stop doing business have knowledge and experience of information security matters: they are the most tech-savvy, they’ve already had their data affected by a company’s hack, or they’re heavy online shoppers.

Companies are not taking enough responsibility

52% of British consumers say that organisations are not taking enough responsibility when hacks occur. 67% claim not to have been notified by the company following a data breach – instead, the majority found out about it from newspapers (55%) and social media (19%).

Membership organisations have the worst reputation

Consumers’ perceptions of how companies handle hacks differ from industry to industry: financial organisations are perceived to manage the situation in the best possible way, followed by the healthcare sector. On the other hand, the hospitality industry and membership companies (like gyms, dating services, etc.) are perceived as the worst in those situations.

Room for improvement

Only half of respondents claim to be satisfied with how companies respond to hacks, leaving plenty of room for improvement. What consumers are looking for is reassurance that their information is securely stored and managed by the company, keeping it secure from unauthorised access.

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