20 reasons why you need to conduct a penetration test

While the number of organisations that have suffered a cyber attack goes up, the clock for when it’s your turn is ticking down. In fact, it’s likely that your clock has already run out, you just haven’t noticed it yet.

As each day passes, hacking is becoming a more automated process, allowing unskilled computer users to become successful cyber criminals. The effort required to download hacking software and get it up and running is worryingly low.

An effective form of defence against these automated cyber attacks is regular penetration testing. An organisation that conducts regular penetration tests stands a much larger chance of blocking cyber attacks due to their knowledge of vulnerabilities.

Why you need to conduct a penetration test

The following list is taken from IT Governance’s guide ‘20 compelling reasons why frequent penetration tests and vulnerability assessments are crucial’. This guide will help you better understand the need for regular penetration tests, as well as provide you with the knowledge needed to create a strong board-level business case for penetration testing.

1- Hacking has now become an automated process

Hacking tools have grown in popularity and a catalogue of exploitable vulnerabilities is readily available online. Such tools permit even novice hackers to gain access to complex exploits for opportunistic attacks.

2- A pen test helps you find vulnerabilities and fix them before an attacker does

A penetration test can be compared to an annual medical exam. Even if you believe you are healthy, your medical doctor will run a series of tests to detect dangers that have not yet developed symptoms.

3- Penetration testing will help reveal problems you didn’t know existed

Protection is ideal, but detection is a must. After popular retail chain TJ Maxx was hacked, they realised that they had been losing customer data for over a year before they discovered the breach.

To find out the other 17 reasons why you need to conduct a penetration test, click the below image.

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