10 minutes with … ITGP author Julie Mehan

In the first in a series of short interviews with our authors, we talk about books with Julie Mehan whose new title, Cyberwar, Cybercrime, Cyberterror and Cyberactivism is published this week.

ITGP: Welcome Julie, thanks for taking the time to talk to us. Why don’t we start with your recent book Cyberwar, Cybercrime, Cyberterror and Cyberactivism? Why did you want to write it?

JM: The concept of a cyberwar has always both intrigued and alarmed me.  While the potential consequences of a true cyberwar could be devastating, I found that I disagreed with many of the current publications that were deeming almost every “hacker” event as a cyberwar – I wanted to add my voice to the discussion.  I felt strongly that the cyberwar hype was actually damaging and may even inhibit the ability of cybersecurity professionals to address the real problems.

ITGP:  From our point of view, it’s refreshing to read a book that deals with the threats of cyberattack and hacking without focusing on creating a purely technical solution. It’s important, of course, to have technological protection  like firewalls and anti-malware software, but as you point out, it’s far from being the whole story.

Now that you’ve finished the book what’s next for Julie Mehan? Without giving away any secrets, can you say what are you working on now?

JM:  In addition to the book on Cyberwar, I collaborated with a colleague to write a book on the C&A transformation.  Since then, there have been significant changes in the environment and I have been gathering materials to update this book as well.

ITGP: That sounds great. The Definitive Guide to the C&A Transformation is a popular book and we’ll be delighted to see an update.  It sounds like you really enjoy writing. Have you ever had any ambition to write anything other than technical books?

JM:  If I have an outstanding ambition, it would be to complete a novel that has been in the back of my mind for many years.  I lived in Germany for quite a while and had the pleasure of meeting a couple whose story of survival and love was quite inspiring; it’s been a long held goal to tell their wonderful story.

ITGP: That sounds like a story worth telling. We hope your experience of publishing with ITGP will come in handy if you decide to approach a fiction publisher.

If you could go back in time and meet yourself when you were at school, what advice would you give?

JM:  Never take “no” for an answer – if you have goals in life, pursue them and have no regrets along the way.  Consider both the good and bad experiences a part of life’s journey and embrace them.

ITGP: That sounds like great advice for people of all ages! Unfortunately, our ten minutes are almost up, but there’s just time for one more question.

How have you found publishing with ITGP?

JM: As far as working with ITGP – wow! A team of real professionals who have been with me every step of the way.  It’s been a pleasure.

ITGP: Thanks very much! It’s always nice to get good feedback. Thanks very much for taking the time to answer our questions today, and let us wish you the best of luck with all your books.

JM: My pleasure.

Cyberwar, Cybercrime, Cyberterror and Cyberactivism,  Second Editionby Julie Mehan is published by IT Governance Publishing and is available to buy direct from the IT Governance website.