#1 on your Wish List – No3 Comprehensive ISO27001 Documentation Toolkit

Our No3 Comprehensive ISMS ISO27001 Documentation Toolkit is the tool of 2012 that will help you to accelerate your ISO27001 project and develop an ISO27001 compliant Information Security Management System (ISMS).

With the rapid advances of technology businesses find themselves in an ever more competitive and crowded marketplace. What everyone is looking for is the edge.

So you have already considered all angles of marketing promotions, had the board increase your budget because this time you are sure that this is the right pitch; thrown money into social media, fad device giveaways, competitions … and have you seen an increase in traffic?

Now I am not knocking the ability of you or your marketing team’s expertise, but instead approaching you to consider a different avenue that is not so obvious and mainstream, but a clever, factual and hugely obvious stance in the technological industry we live.

ISO27001 compliance.

ISO27001 is the best practice specification that helps businesses and organisations throughout the world to develop a best-in-class Information Security Management System (ISMS). The Standard was published jointly by the International Security Office (ISO) and the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC). Protect the most valuable asset your company has use your commitment to data protection to gain new business.


Feel their paranoia when it comes to purchasing goods online ‘No – no – no. I am not giving my details to a computer. No. What happened to just going in-store and talking to someone?’ – I mean, I still question payments and data I feed through the internet myself.

But, if you could capture a fraction of that market of customers who fear the technology surge, you would be standing out amongst the biggest of players. You have captured a market that perceives to be seemingly impossible. It is a simple principle of trust and reassurance with their data, regardless of the type of data.

We always here such negative stories of breaches and how companies have let the individual down, but what about the good news? We read the same stories as our customers – so can we really blame them?

Well – there is some good news …

For those of you reading this that are aware of the opportunities that ISO27001 compliance creates for you, that don’t want to spend the year’s budget on consultancy, our No 3 Comprehensive ISMS ISO27001 Documentation Toolkit is for you!

It includes the documentation required by ISO27001 to deploy an Information Security Management System, a risk assessment software tool, vsRisk, that assesses the risks facing your organisation with minimal manual input – calculating the types of threats and risks specific to your organisation, once you enter your credentials – the three information security standards that provide the backbone and structure to information security compliance, plus books that can guide you to implementing your own ISMS.

One recent client of ours says:

“The IT Governance toolkit which I found on the web looked, as it indeed was, a bargain to help create our document set and enhance our existing policies; but I also bought the ISO27001 Standard and began to read up on the concepts and ideals of the standard, which meant a page or two digested a day to fit in with my other commitments.”

We have taken this feedback and incorporated both these products and more to create the No3 Comprehensive ISMS ISO27001 Documentation. At IT Governance we take your feedback very seriously and to ensure the ease of compliance, use your feedback to produce a higher quality product.

It all matters.

If you purchase the No3 Comprehensive ISMS ISO27001 Documentation Toolkit before the end of November you will get half a days’ worth of LiveOnline Consultancy with one of our ISO27001 Consultants, free of charge.

As well as, the inbuilt annual support service that comes free – and unlimited for the year – if you purchase the Network Enabled variant of vsRisk.