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Boardroom Cyber Watch 2013: Report


Cyber security is always a business issue, never just an IT one.

The ‘Boardroom Cyber Watch 2013’ is the first survey IT Governance has undertaken which specifically targets chief executives, board directors and IT professionals. Our aim is to shine new light on how company directors and board members currently perceive IT security issues as well as to provide them with practical guidance on how to address these challenges.
We are delighted that 260 respondents have taken part in the survey, representing a wide variety of industry sectors. The sample is truly international: while the majority are from organisations based in the UK and United States, respondents from South America, Central Europe, Africa, the Middle East, Asia, Australia and New Zealand have also contributed.
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An effective cyber security strategy is one that addresses people, process, technology and compliance.

The IT Governance cyber security risk management team helps our clients identify and manage cyber risk, with consultancy services which range from a Cyber Governance Health Check (Cyber Health Test) and a broad range of cyber consultancy services to toolkit, e-Learning and software.

Here are some quick link to information, books, tools, training and consultancy in the cyber security field.

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