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– Information Security Awareness Tool

Put critical information security reminders where users need them most – on the screens of their desktop and laptop machines. Using the highest quality animations and graphics, Visible Statement delivers key security awareness messages to all employees.


Deliver high quality, visually exciting animations and graphics that make your critically important security messages fun to look at and easy to remember.

Call our Customer Service Centre on 0845 070 1750 or email to discuss your requirements or request a free evaluation copy of the Visible Statement software.

Examples of Visible Statement graphical presentations include:

Data Transportation

Data Transportation
Click on image for preview

New Password

New Password
Click on image for preview

Social Engineering

Social Engineering
Click on image for preview

The benefits of Visible Statement include:

  • Appears automatically and requires virtually no administration
  • Create high levels of awareness concerning your information security policies
  • Maintain user interest with daily / weekly animation changes
  • Messages are 100% customisable to meet specific requirements
  • Assists with compliance objectives for ISO27001, HIPAA, SOX and the Data Protection Act.

The product package also provides a large number (44) of static Log-on message images to remind users of important security awareness information such as; password advice, document disposal, credit card use and checking ID badges.

Visible Statement animations and static graphics can also be used for class-room training, in reception/lunch rooms and on web sites.

Visible Statement is part of a range of Information Security Awareness products and services designed to deliver a complete solution for all staff induction and routine training awareness programmes.

This product is available with the following options:

  • Enterprise License for the basic package with four animations, each complete with text and logo customisation, and the license to use Visible Statement enterprise-wide for three years.
  • Support and Content Agreement consists of unlimited technical support for one year, plus four additional animated modules complete with text and logo customisation.
  • Dynamic Text Module is a specialised animation that enables changes to the message to be made as often as required. Although the Dynamic Text Module resides on each machine, the main text file resides on a server. Whenever contents of the text file are changed, users see the new text message the next time the Dynamic Text Module appears.

Find out why local and national governments, financial services, manufacturing, IT and aerospace companies are choosing Visible Statement for their security awareness needs. Call our Customer Service Centre on 0845 070 1750 or email to discuss your requirements or request a free evaluation copy of the software.

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