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IT Standards

This page provides quick links to buy IT Standards on disciplines including Information Security, IT Service Management,  IT Governance and Business Continuity.

We currently offer Standards published by:

The ISO (International Organisation for Standardisation)
The ISO/IEC (International Electrotechnical Commission),
BSI (British Standards).

On this page:

IT Service Management Standards

Information Security Standards

Network Security Standards

Risk Management Standards

Business Continuity Standards

Quality Management Systems Standards

  • ISO9000:2005 (ISO 9000) Quality Management Systems - Fundamentals & Vocabulary
  • ISO9001:2008 (ISO 9000) Quality Management Systems - Requirements
  • ISO9004:2009 (ISO 9000) Quality Management Systems - Performance Improvement

Disaster Recovery Standards

  • ISO24762 (ISO 24762) Disaster Recovery Service Guidelines

Environment and Energy Standards

  • ISO14001:2004 (ISO 14001) Environmental Management Systems - Specifications
  • ISO14004:2004 (ISO 14001) Environmental Management Systems - Guidelines
  • ISO50001:2011 (ISO 50001) Energy Management Systems - Requirements
  • BS7858:2006 (BS 7858) Security Screening of Individuals in a Security Environment

Software Standards

Corporate Governance Standards

Project Governance Standards

  • BS6079-1 (BS 6079-1) Guide to Project Management
  • BS6079-2 (BS 6079-2) Project Management & Network Planning
  • BS6079-3 (BS 6079-3) Management of Business Related Project Risk
  • BS6079 Standards Kit BS6079-1:2010, BS6079-2:2000 & BS6079-3:2000
  • ISO10006 (ISO 10006) Guidelines for Quality Project Management
  • ISO10007 (ISO 10007) Guidelines for Configuration Management
  • ISO15489-1 (ISO 15489-1) Managing Records of Originating Organizations
  • ISO15489-2 (ISO 15489-2) Implementation Guide for Record Management


  • BS10500 (BS 10500:2011) Anti-Bribery Management System (ABMS) Specification
  • BS7858 (BS 7858) Security Screening of Individuals in a Security Environment
  • BS8549 (BS 8549) Security Consultancy
  • ISO15408-1 (ISO 15408-1) Evaluation Criteria for IT Security
  • ISO15443-1 (ISO 15443-1) Framework for IT Security Assurance
  • ISO15947 (ISO 15947) IT Intrusion Detection Framework
  • ISO19092 (ISO19092) Biometrics Security Framework
  • ISO19791:2006 (ISO 19791) Security Assessment of Operational Systems
  • ISO22600-2 (ISO 22600) Privilege Management and Access Control
  • ISO24767-2:2009 (ISO 24767-2) Internal Security Services - SCPM

IT Governance Ltd is authorised by BSI to distribute British and International Standards, and is authorised by IEC to distribute international standards. All International Standards supplied are either the BSI or other official standard body adoptions of International Standards or the IEC co-published standard.

Other Standards

  • ISO22000:2005 (ISO22000) Food Safety Management System (FSMS) Requirements
  • ISO22003:2005 (ISO22003) Food Safety Management System (FSMS) Requirements for Auditing Bodies
  • ISO22004:2005 (ISO22004) Application of ISO22000 2005 for FSMS
  • ISO26000 (ISO 26000) Guidance on Social Responsibility
  • ISO28000:2007 (ISO 28000) SMS for The Supply Chain
  • ISO28001:2007 (ISO 28001) Implementing Supply Chain Security
  • ISO28003:2007 (ISO 28003) Supply Chain SMS Requirements
  • ISO28004:2007 (ISO 28004) Guidelines for Implementation of ISO28000
  • PAS2015:2010 (PAS 2015) Framework for Health Services Resilience
  • PAS55-1:2008 (PAS 55-1) Specification for the Optimised Management of Physical Assets.
  • PAS55-2:2008 (PAS 55-2) Guidelines for the Application of PAS 55-1.
  • PAS99 (PAS 99) Specification of Common Management System Requirements as a Framework for Integration

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ISO/IEC 27001 2013 (ISO 27001 Standard) ISMS Requirements

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