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IT Outsourcing Contracts - A Legal and Practical Guide

Provides an overview of IT outsourcing, highlighting typical scenarios that can arise and providing information on typical solutions that have been adopted by other organisations. By providing a short, legal and practical guide to IT outsourcing, the reader should be able to quickly come up to speed.
IT Outsourcing Contracts: A Legal and Practical Guide

How can you be sure that IT outsourcing will improve your bottom line?

Outsourcing the IT function looks attractive. It can offer you greater flexibility and cost savings, and enable you to focus on your core business. At the same time, outsourcing IT has its problems. It can involve extra risks and hidden costs. Your company’s relationship with the IT supplier will not just run itself. You will need to manage the relationship to obtain the services your business requires.

Whether outsourcing your IT is the right decision for you depends on the needs of your business. This is why you should be clear in your own mind what you expect from your IT. That way, if you do decide on outsourcing, you will then be able to find the best supplier.

Finding the best supplier of IT services is not just a matter of the cheapest deal. You want to be sure you are using a supplier with real technological expertise who understands the specific requirements of your industry.

Because your business relies on IT, negotiating the contract with the supplier is of vital importance. You need to be aware of matters such as liability, data protection and intellectual property. If you want outsourcing IT to work for you, you need to negotiate a contract that takes these issues into account.

Benefits to business include:

  • Make the right decision
    Use this book to help you decide whether outsourcing IT is the right solution to your business needs.
  • Secure the right service package
    You need to make sure you will obtain a service package that will fit your requirements. Follow the advice in this book, and you can avoid becoming locked into a contract for services you do not want or need.
  • Avoid spiralling costs
    When objectives are unclear and communication is poor, your relationship with your supplier can turn sour. Find out how to avoid the crossed wires and disputes that can cause costs to spiral.
  • Negotiate the right contract
    Cutting the best deal is about more than driving a hard bargain. The contract with the supplier sets the terms of the relationship for years to come. This book tells you the steps you need to take to make sure the contract is properly drafted.

Buy this book if you want IT outsourcing that will work for your business!

About the author:

Jimmy Desai is a partner in a City of London law firm. He has more than a decade’s experience of advising on IT outsourcing contracts, and he has helped businesses to implement outsourcing strategies and to make cost savings. He has also offered advice to both governments and international companies on their IT outsourcing transactions. In addition to his law degree, Jimmy Desai holds a Master’s Degree in Electronic Engineering and has postgraduate qualifications in Intellectual Property Law and Practice. He has given lectures at the University of London and the University of Stirling, and he writes for several IT publications.

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Published: 01 Dec 2009
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Published: 01 Dec 2009
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