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Information Security Course Textbook

Information Security Course Textbook

A novel non-technical approach to all aspects of information security.

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Information Security for Managers discusses various threats to the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of information, and offers practical countermeasures for mangers, drawing extensively on the latest applied research and development rather than simply repeating the information in numerous other textbooks and popular guides.

The book uses an incremental pedagogical method called ‘knowledge scaffolding’, a proven educational technique which reinforces learning through an elaborative rehearsal process which builds knowledge progressively.

Instructor Resources include answers to the end-of-chapter questions and a PowerPoint Image Bank that contains key images from the text.

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SECTION ONE: What Should Managers Know About Security Policies and Procedures?
Chapter 1: Introduction to Information Security
Chapter 2: Corporations and the Rule of Law
Chapter 3: Management, Security Law, and Policies
Chapter 4: Security Regulations and Governance
Chapter 5: Security Programs: Risk Assessment and Management
Chapter 6: Managing Organisations Securely

SECTION TWO: Technology Orientation for Managers
Chapter 7: Data, Information, and Systems
Chapter 8: Programming Concepts
Chapter 9: Applications Programming
Chapter 10: Computer Operating Systems
Chapter 11: Networks and Addressing
Chapter 12: Protocols and Routing

SECTION THREE: Computer and Network Security
Chapter 13: Information Systems Security
Chapter 14: Computer Security
Chapter 15: Network Security
Chapter 16: Cryptography Uses and Firewalls
Chapter 17: Cryptography – And How IT Works
Chapter 18: Web Applications Security

SECTION FOUR: Managing Organisations Securely
Chapter 19: Configuration Management
Chapter 20: Operations
Chapter 21: Managing Security Behavior
Chapter 22: Modeling and Predicting Attacks
Chapter 23: Adaptive Systems Security
Chapter 24: Security Horizons: Issues for Managers

Authors: Michael L. Workman
Publishers: Jones & Bartlett
Format: Softcover
ISBN13: 9780763793012
ISBN10: 763793019
Pages: 594
Published: 17 Apr 2012
Availability: In Stock
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