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IG Toolkit FastTrack Service

It pays to be IG Toolkit-compliant. From inception to the completion of your IG Toolkit project, IT Governance will guide your organisation toward successful compliance for the one-off fee of £5,000 or £8,000, depending on your organisation type.

Realistic, proven, straightforward, and cost-effective

"Today we had our approval notification and can proceed with our business plans with NHS authorities; it’s fair to say we couldn’t have achieved it so quickly on our own!”

- Jayne Watkins, Quality Education Solutions

What is the IG Toolkit FastTrack service?

The FastTrack service helps you meet the requirements of the HSCIC’s Information Governance Alliance fast. By providing support and guidance from the outset, our team of experts will outline exactly what is required to achieve full compliance to the IG Toolkit, and facilitate the implementation of all the necessary remedial actions. Carefully prearranged site visits are used to maximise consultant data gathering and to ensure that your staff are available at key dates.

Meet the IG Toolkit requirements, as specified by the Health and Social Care Information Centre (HSCIC), in just three months.

Which organisations will benefit from this service?

The IG Toolkit FastTrack has been designed for Business Partners and Commercial Third Parties with fewer than 20 staff and with a single office location. For larger organisations, please see our IG Toolkit consultancy page.

What is offered by the IG Toolkit FastTrack™ consultancy service?

  • Support to apply for registration on the HSCIC IG Toolkit platform.
  • Assistance with conducting a self-assessment against the specific IG Toolkit requirements, for either of the following organisation types:
    • Commercial Third Parties:
      • Information Governance Management (4 requirements).
      • Confidentiality and Data Protection Assurance (5 requirements).
      • Information Security Assurance (8 requirements).
    • Business Partners
      • Information Governance Management (5 requirements).
      • Confidentiality and Data Protection Assurance (8 requirements).
      • Information Security Assurance (13 requirements).
      • Clinical Information Assurance (3 requirements).
  • Development of an IG Toolkit improvement plan.
  • Assistance with the review, update and development of the necessary documentation against each of the specific IG Toolkit requirements.

This package includes the IG Toolkit Information Governance IG Toolkit, which contains templates for all of the major documents required.

We estimate the total time taken, including submission and response from the NHS, to be a period of three months.

Consultancy fees

We deliver the IG Toolkit FastTrack Service for a one-off fee of £5,000 for Commercial Third Parties, and £8,000 for Business Partners, which is paid in advance. This excludes expenses at cost and VAT.

Our fees do not include the cost of any additional third party (technical or commercial) who may be required to provide professional advice as required.

Are you a large Commercial Third Party or a prospective Business Partner?

Our consultancy team offers a broad range of services that are tailored to meet your exact needs, including an IG Toolkit Health Check, assistance with training and auditing, through to full application and IG Toolkit submission on behalf of our clients.

Contact us today at or call our team on: +44 (0)845 070 1750 to discuss how we can meet your IG Toolkit needs.

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