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IT Governance e-Learning - Security Awareness and Compliance Training for Staff

Staff awareness training is fundamental for effective information security management and for meeting regulatory and compliance requirements. Ensuring that your employees are up-to-date with these requirements is time-consuming and can be costly.

The good news is that we have developed simple to use, yet effective, web-based staff awareness courses offering a hassle-free and cost-efficient solution. To find out if e-learning courses are the right route for you/your organisation, download our free buyer's guide on the subject.

On this page:

IT Governance staff awareness e-learning courses

IT Governance (ITG) e-Learning offers a best-in-class suite of staff awareness and compliance e-learning solutions for organisations around the world. The suite currently includes:

ITG e-learning courses can all be purchased as individual courses, for single users, or as attractively priced, multi-user site licences by course. Suite licences, including all the current courses, are also available.

Our generic courses are sold directly through our website, and are hosted in our own online e-learning environment. We can host site licences either in your own environment or on our servers - and can work out an appropriate cost to make either option achievable for you.

What are the benefits of deploying IT Governance e-learning courses?

  • Support regulations such as the UK's Data Protection Act, HIPAA, GLBA, the EU Privacy Protection Directive and Canada's PIPEDA, all of which stipulate staff awareness of privacy issues.

  • Help you meet the specific staff awareness requirements set in the ISO27001 Standard, the PCI DSS Standard or NHS N3 Connecting for Health.

  • The most economical and most convenient method for rolling out a staff awareness programme.

  • There are none of the traditional training costs for instructors, meeting rooms, travel, accommodation or subsistence, or significant time out of the office - you gain direct efficiency and save costs.

  • There’s minimal office disruption – staff train at their desks.

  • Minimal administration is required – comprehensive reports available.

  • Enable you to automatically retain records of which staff have accomplished the course - systematic evidence that training has actually been provided.

  • Efficient and simple to use with relevant and informative content. This helps you ensure that your staff have the know-how to keep confidential data safe.

  • Prices start at £45 per user license and fixed-price for multi-user licences, regardless of the number of users.

What are the key features included in all ITG e-learning courses?

  • Students can take these courses at their desks, or at home, by accessing the ITG e-learning management system website – effectively an online training centre.  

  • Having completed an approximately 40-minute course, students can take a 20-question multiple-choice test. If they pass, a printable certificate is awarded.  

  • Students have the opportunity to re-take the test until the pass mark is achieved.

  • The courses include: relevant definitions, the specific security and compliance requirements, compliance-specific terminology, examples of procedures and policies, optional questions and feedback.

Free eLearning demonstration

Request a free, one-to-one demonstration of our eLearning Courses

Annual e-learning licences

All ITG e-learning courses are sold on an annual licence basis; this means that you automatically benefit from access to any updates that become available during the licence period.

There is also a standard 20% discount available if you purchase a 3-year initial licence.

Multi-user licences

We understand that some organisations have hundreds or thousands of staff to train. We offer an attractively priced multi-user site-licence pricing for all our e-learning courses, as well as for hosting. Site licences start to make commercial sense from 250 users and upward. These price options also include the 20% discount for a 3-year license.

Customisable e-learning course content

We have a customisable courseware option available for organisations that are buying a multi-user licence for 51 or more people.

ITG customisable e-learning is designed in such a way that it is very easy for us to substitute your own policies and procedures, your own contact information and specific instructions for staff, as well as your own logos and colour schemes. We call this 'core customisation' and the cost of doing this is included in our standard pricing for multi-user licences.

We can also do any additional customisation that you may want, although any customisation outside of 'core customisation' is subject to additional charges on an hourly basis.

Where are the ITG e-learning courses hosted?

IT Governance Multi-user e-learning courses (whether generic or customised) can be hosted externally or internally. We offer the following hosting options:

  1. Hosted in and delivered from our online e-hosting, e-learning environment - where you and your staff can simply log on to your selected training courses and your nominated administrator can access online reports that show how many users have completed training, or have passed tests, etc. Our pricing for the hosted option includes set up, administrator training and annual maintenance. Again, we offer a 20% discount for three year licenses.

  2. Deployed in and delivered from your own network environment, on your own LMS - all ITG e-learning courses are SCORM 1.2 and AICC compliant (we also can provide you with an LMS for internal deployment if you need us to).

  3. You could also start with an external hosting environment and then progress, when you're ready, to an internal environment.

To find out if e-learning courses are the right route for you/your organisation, download our free buyer's guide on the subject.

Please contact us on +44(0) 845 070 1750 or email us for a tailored quote and to request a demo if you are interested in multi-user licenses.

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