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ISO 22301 Consultancy

Our Expert Consultants can provide whatever you want to achieve ISO 22301 certification

We aim to go beyond simply treating business continuity as a project or showing you how to develop ‘a BC plan’. In our view, business continuity management is an essential corporate risk management activity that benefits from a Standards-based approach and requires competent people who work with appropriate support and structures that perform when needed.

How can our consultants help you to comply with ISO 22301?

Our experienced Business Continuity consultants will examine the business continuity frameworks and plans within your organisation, helping you to better understand how well your current approach is likely to perform when disaster strikes, what opportunities there are for tightening and improving your processes, and where best practice can improve your chances of maintaining business continuity and customer relationships throughout a period of disruption. We will then supply you with a detailed report of our findings, which will contain practical steps that you can take to improve your planning and response.


Call us now if you want to take immediate advantage of our service: + 44 (0)845 070 1750 or email your enquiry to our consultancy team.


What is ISO 22301 and why does business need a BCM Standard?

ISO22301 is a best-practice management systems standard for BCM designed for use by organisations of all sizes and types, from microbusinesses and SMEs to large corporations. Organisations that are successful in obtaining accredited certification against ISO22301 are able to demonstrate to regulators, customers, prospective customers and other interested parties that they have taken effective and appropriate action to deal with business continuity risks.

ISO22301 certification also enables the business continuity manager to provide top management with external assurance that business continuity risks have been fully recognised and managed.
ISO22301 is divided into seven principal clauses, starting at Clause 4 and ending at Clause 10 (see below).

We can help you to gain ISO 22301 certification by addressing:

Clause 4: Context of the organisation

  • Identify your organisation’s internal and external needs.
  • Scope the management system, enabling you to set clear boundaries.
  • Understand the requirements of relevant interested parties, such as regulators, customers and staff.
  • Address the relevant legal requirements.

Clause 5: Leadership

  • Present the case to top management.
  • Establish policy and appoint people to implement/maintain the BCMS.
  • Define the resources needed to develop, implement, operate and maintain the BCMS.
  • Establish policy and appoint people to implement/maintain the BCMS.

Clause 6: Planning

  • Identify risks to the implementation of the management system and set clear objectives and criteria that can be used to measure its success.

Clause 7: Support

  • Train and support your people so that they develop the knowledge, skills and experience both to contribute to the BCMS and to respond to incidents.
  • Communicate with your staff and customers that the BCMS is in place and what to do when normal channels are disrupted.

Clause 8: Operations

  • Undertake business impact analysis to understand how your business is affected by disruption and how this changes over time.
  • Understand the risks to the business in a structured way to inform the development of business continuity strategy.
  • Take appropriate steps required to avoid or reduce the likelihood of incidents and those that will be needed when incidents occur.
  • Prioritise life safety issues, ensuring that external parties who may be affected have the relevant information communicated to them.
  • Define an incident response structure that includes roles, responsibilities and an escalation path.
  • Create incident management and business continuity plans that are appropriate to the organisation, whether small or large.
  • Determine what to do once the initial emergency has been addressed.
  • Establish an exercise programme to develop and test the capabilities of people and teams, contingency resources and communication channels.

Clause 9: Evaluation

  • Establish what appropriate performance measurement criteria are.
  • Establish an internal audit capability and plan.
  • Review business continuity procedures, plans and structures.
  • Plan and execute a management review process.

Clause 10: Improvement

  • Define actions to improve the BCMS over time and ensure that corrective actions arising from audits, reviews, exercises are implemented.
  • Establish a process for identifying, recording and addressing, system non-conformities.

Our expert business continuity consultants can also:

  • bring a clear focus to your Business Continuity project based on our real-world experience to ensure that you stay on track and within your budget;
  • build a convincing business case for BCM/ISO22301 with the Board;
  • avoid the pitfalls (and there are plenty that you will need to be aware of);
  • introduce appropriate metrics that will clearly demonstrate your success;
  • help you to global status with ISO22301-accredited certification.

Our BCM experts will save you hours of uncertainty and trial and error, and give you what you need to gain ISO22301 certification.


In summary:

What types of ISO 22301 project support can our consultants offer you?

We transfer the knowledge that you need at each and every stage in adoption.

Services can be provided in a flexible way to suit the needs of your organisation.

All ISO22301 BCM consultancy engagements are delivered using experienced consultants. We ensure that you are ready to identify conformance, strengths and weaknesses within existing processes and to drive improvements leading to full conformance with ISO22301.

We will work with your organisation to prepare for the ISO22301 audit and, following successful certification, our consultants will also be able to help you maintain conformance, providing whatever support you require on an ongoing basis, either ad hoc or as part of a managed service contract.

Call (or email) us right now to see how we can help you reap the benefits of ISO22301 certification: + 44 (0)845 070 1750.

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