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Ethical Hacking Training Courses

Ethical Hacking is also known as Penetration Testing and refers to the process of legitimately testing the security of an IT system using the same tools and methods employed by an illegal hacker.

Effective Penetration Testing involves the simulation of a malicious attack against the system under test and should only be conducted by a certificated, ethical hacking professional. IT Governance offers a comprehensive suite of training courses designed to develop the skills and enhance the career of any prospective ethical hacker or information security professional.

Certifications awarded by 7Safe and the EC Council are the most highly regarded ethical hacking qualifications in the UK.

7Safe Ethical Hacking Certification

7Safe has firmly established itself as a pre-eminent training provider for cyber security professionals, having developed an unrivalled portfolio of university-accredited training courses and certificates. All courses are authored and delivered by expert practising consultants.

To qualify for certification, delegates are required to attend the relevant 7Safe training course and complete and pass a classroom examination. CSTA Ethical Hacking: Hands On and CSTP Ethical Hacking: Hands-On 2 certification is highly regarded and considered to be a default requirement for developing an ethical hacking career in the UK police, MOD and senior government departments.

EC Council CEH Certification

The EC Council states that:

“The definition of an Ethical Hacker is very similar to a Penetration Tester. The Ethical Hacker is an individual who is usually employed with the organisation and who can be trusted to undertake an attempt to penetrate networks and/or computer systems using the same methods as a Hacker.

“Hacking is a felony in the United States and most other countries. When it is done by request and under a contract between an Ethical Hacker and an organisation, it is legal. The most important point is that an Ethical Hacker has authorisation to probe the target.”

The EC Council Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) is a vendor-neutral program that certifies as competent those individuals who are involved in the network security discipline of ethical hacking and penetration testing.

To achieve Certified Ethical Hacker status, we recommend the following steps:

You can also undertake self-study as preparation for the exam and access the best self-study tools through this site:

CEH Certification Eligibility Requirements

To be eligible to take the CEH certification examination, you must:

To register, download and complete the Exam Eligibility Form. Upon approval, EC-Council will send you an eligibility voucher number which you can use to register and schedule the test at any Authorised Prometric Testing Centre globally. Please note that Prometric Registration will not entertain any requests without this voucher number.

  1. Have attended training a CEH course at an ATC (Accredited Training Centre, such as the one that provides the course identified above). Should you choose to defer taking the examination after your training and would like to opt for another location, you can apply to do that at a later date at any ATC of your choice by submitting your certificate of attendance directly to EC-Council.
  2. If you have opted for self-study and not attended training, you must have at least two years of information security related experience.

Certification Fees

  1. If you have attended training at any accredited training centre, you are eligible for the web-based Prometric Prime exam, which is priced at $250 (US).
  2. If you have chosen self-study and are eligible for the exam as verified from the CEH Exam EC0-350 Application Form submitted, you can take the test at any of the Authorised Prometric Testing Centres globally. This exam is priced at $250 (US).

Penetration Testing Services

IT Governance Penetration Testing packages are designed to provide a complete solution for the efficient and routine testing of your IT system, ensuring that your networks and applications are genuinely secure against today’s automated cyber attacks. For further information, please see our Penetration Testing packages.

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