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NHS N3/IG Toolkit Connecting for Health Consultancy.

Are you ready to complete your IG Toolkit self-assessment form? Our consultants can help.

"Just a quick email to thank you for all your recent help with QES’s N3 application. Today we had our approval notification and can proceed with our business plans with NHS authorities; it’s fair to say we couldn’t have achieved it so quickly on our own!" Jayne Watkins, Quality Education Solutions

Supplying/Planning to supply the NHS

IT Governance has a decade of experience helping clients to comply with the vast array of legal requirements and government guidance that applies to all organisations involved in the NHS, including:

  • NHS providers
  • Commercial third parties
  • NHS partners

The NHS IG Toolkit 10 (ITGv10) has up to 45 requirements classified under six initiative areas, so achieving compliance can be time-consuming and demanding.

Where there is non-compliance, organisations need to take appropriate measures, (e.g. assign responsibility, put in place policies, procedures, processes and guidance for staff), to raise governance standards through year-on-year improvements.

IT Governance consultants work with your IT team to ensure that you achieve full compliance on time and within budget.

Call IT Governance now on 0845 070 1750 to discuss how we can assist you.

IGT Version 10 breaks each requirement down into detailed criteria.

Our ISO27001 consultancy service speeds up the process of satisfying IGT requirements, helping you to answer the questions and gather the evidence you need to demonstrate compliance.

One of the requirements to comply with the IG Toolkit is related to staff awareness training. To assist you in meeting this requirement we have designed and developed the N3 and Information Security E-Learning Course for Commercial Third Parties (CTPs). If you are a Business Partner (BP), please contact us.

Why is it important to improve your IT security in line with the IG Toolkit?

Connecting for Health has the power to suspend an organisation’s N3 connection and the Information Commissioners Office (ICO) can issue fines of up to £500,000 for data security breaches. NHS Trusts need to complete IGT submissions and demonstrate appropriate levels of information security.

Possible consequences of non-compliance include:

  • Withdrawal of Care Records Service (N3, Choose & Book, ESR).
  • The increased likelihood of enforcement action by the Information Commissioner if there is a breach.
  • Adverse effects on Care Quality Commission (CQC) registration.
  • An impromptu inspection by the Care Quality Commission.
  • An information security audit.

Do you understand what is meant by ‘IGT’?

The IGT is an online system which allows NHS organisations and partners to assess themselves against Department of Health (DoH) Information Governance policies and standards. It also allows members of the public to view participating organisations' IGT assessments.

IT Governance has assisted private companies and NHS Business Partners (BPs) to achieve a connection to the N3 network in compliance with the IG Toolkit standard. All organisations that wish to use NHS Connecting for Health digital services, including the N3 network, must complete the IG Statement of Compliance process. They must carry out an annual assessment and show evidence their compliance with the toolkit IG assurance standards.

Commercial Third Parties (CTPs): Why Choose IT Governance Consultants?

We offer various levels of consultancy support to our clients from an IGT/N3 gap analysis and assistance with key milestones such as IGT training and auditing, to full application and IG Toolkit submission on behalf of the client. Our rates are among the most competitive in this field.

The IT Governance NHS N3/IG Toolkit Connecting for Health ('CfH') Consultancy Service is specifically designed to assist Commercial Third Parties ('CTP') seeking to comply with the 17 requirements of the NHS IG Toolkit v10.

Our aim is to guide you through the CTP requirements and achieve IG Toolkit Compliance in the shortest possible time. We can usually do this in a matter of a few working days, and for a minimal cost that is more than justified in terms of building your existing or new supply chain relationship with NHS local health trusts and other NHS organisations.

NHS Business Partners (BPs): Why Choose IT Governance Consultants?

IT Governance provides consultancy to organisations that, whilst remaining independent, work closely with NHS organisations and share common goals for providing high standards of healthcare directly to patients. The category includes DH Arms-Length Bodies (DH ALBs) and Independent Treatment Centres. The term Independent Treatment Centre encompasses Independent Sector Treatment Centres (ISTCs), private hospitals, hospices, and charitable foundations.

NHS Business Partners are distinct (in IG terms) from Commercial Third Parties (CTPs), as the nature of their service(s) suggest that they are more likely to have a need to process patient or personal data actively on a regular basis. Business Partners must therefore meet 29 requirements set out in the IG Toolkit compared to the 17 requirements that apply to CTPs.

Note: Commercial Third Parties should not under normal circumstances have such a requirement, although in exceptional cases (e.g. incident investigations) this may be required. IT Governance consultants will advise you on which requirements are applicable.

Contact our Consultancy team on 0845 070 1750 to discuss your IGT project


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