The cost of taking an ITIL exam will increase by 80-100% in 2014.

Update: 16 months on, this blog post is still receiving a significant amount of daily traffic. A few of the details regarding the cost of the exam are now out of date. However, IT Governance’s ITIL offering remains the same:

Will you bring forward your study plans to beat the increase?

You may have heard recently that the ownership of ITIL® has changed. On the 1 July 2013 AXELOS, a new joint venture between Capita and the UK Cabinet Office, became the owner of the Best Management Practice portfolio of frameworks i.e. ITIL, PRINCE2®, P3O®, etc. With this change, all of the contracts with the ITIL Examination Institutes came up for renewal. Exam Institutes are the organisations that actually set the ITIL exams. As part of the renegotiation, the Exam Institutes have had to agree an increase in the royalty fee they make to AXELOS in order to remain ITIL Examination Institutes from January 2014.

With this increase in the royalty that the Examination Institutes have to pay AXELOS for each ITIL exam taken, this means that starting January 2014 the Examination Institutes are increasing the fees they charge delegates for taking exams by up to 80-100% . With this being the case, you can expect to see the cost of the ITIL Foundation exam increasing from somewhere in the region of £100 to nearly double those figures at £180-200 in January 2014.

What can I do to avoid this increase in exam fees?

The answer is pretty simple really, take your ITIL exams on or before the 31 December 2013 and you’ll avoid the increase in exam fees. As you are reading this (most
likely in late November 2013) you are probably thinking that with the fees increasing as of January 2014 that your options are pretty limited for how you can study for the ITIL Foundation and Intermediate exams in such limited time. The honest answer is yes, time is tight but you still have enough time to avoid the increase in fees if you are flexible in the way you study for the exams.

e-learning courses offer the ideal solution for those with limited time to pass the ITIL exams, they are also a very cost-effective alternative to classroom-based courses as they can be up to 50% cheaper. Also you save a considerable amount of money in the form of travel, accommodation and subsistence costs. Simply study as and when you want around your normal working schedule.

What e-learning courses are available?

At IT Governance we have scoured the world of ITIL e-learning so you don’t have to. We offer a comprehensive selection of the best ITIL e-learning courses available to suit every ITSM training need. All the courses we offer are officially accredited.

If you are looking for a comprehensive set of ITIL e-learning courses, we offer our ITIL All Access Online Training (360 Day Online Subscription). This suite of courses includes all the courses you need to study for in order to become an ITIL Expert. Not only does it include an ITIL Foundation e-learning course, it includes a course for each and every one of the ITIL Intermediate modules, including Managing Across the Lifecycle.

If on the other hand due to the limited amount of time you want to focus on specific Intermediate modules or just the Foundation certification you can buy a course individually for each ITIL certification that you want to study.

Below is a list of the modules we currently offer e-learning courses for along with a list of exams vouchers we offer:

ITIL Foundation Qualification

ITIL Foundation

Intermediate Lifecycle Stream Modules

Service Strategy
Service Design
Service Transition
Service Operation
Continual Service Improvement

Intermediate Capability Stream Modules

Operational Support and Analysis
Service Offerings and Agreements
Release, Control and Validation
Planning, Protection and Optimisation

Managing Across the Lifecycle Module

Managing Across the Lifecycle

ITIL Exam Vouchers

ITIL Foundation Exam Voucher – OnlineExam Centre
ITIL Intermediate Lifecycle Stream Voucher – OnlineExam Centre
ITIL Intermediate Capability Stream Voucher – OnlineExam Centre
ITIL Managing Across the Lifecycle Voucher – OnlineExam Centre

If on the other hand the increase in cost of taking an ITIL exam doesn’t bother you and you want to study for and take the ITIL Foundation exam in 2014 we, IT Governance, as an ITIL Accredited Training Organisation (ATO) can offer our own classroom-based ITIL Foundation course. This course is pretty unique as it takes place over 2 days, allowing you to rapidly assimilate the information you need to pass the ITIL Foundation exam.

ITIL Foundation Exam Study Aids

The ITIL Foundation Handbook – 2011 Edition
Passing Your ITIL Foundation Exam – 2011 Edition 
ITIL Foundation Exam Essentials

If you want to beat the increase in the ITIL exam fees there really is only one option available to you – e-learning – buy now to beat the price increases!


  1. Caio says

    Thanks for the info, in India is confirmed the prices are raised around 100%. I am taking the exam next week.

    Do you have any intel regarding whether will be any change in the examination content/criteria, any new version or changes we might expect?


  2. says

    The increase in prices could be a boon to the other service management frameworks/standards. The participation levels in the ITIL Training and exams will plummet and is a good news for COBIT5, ISO20000, MOF etc.

  3. says

    Hello John and Jamie,
    Yes, I can confirm as the Marketing Lead for Loyalist Certification Services that the exam fees will increase.
    We have been communicating this to our ATOs since we were permitted to make it public.
    Mary Jane

  4. says


    Our information has come from discussions we have been having with various EIs regarding pricing of exams for the New Year. Due to the confidential nature of those discussions we cannot divulge the details here more than we have.

    Suffice it to say, the increases are in the magnitude stated in the piece above. If you were an ATO then you would be aware of the discussions as they are taking place on the ATO LI groups.

    Our intention here is to advise the sector of the impending price increases so that they can avoid them. Everyone likes to save money. So why wouldn’t members of the ITSM on the cost of exams?



  5. John says


    While I can understand that there will be changes. I have yet to see any other ATO state that the same ‘fact’ as you have as well as adding the – IMHO crass plug for people to take / schedule the training now instead of waiting for the supposed increase

    Personally, I would have written it differently. In addition, as I run a LI Forum as well as participate in the AXELOS LI Forum (not owned by AXELOS) and there are several EI and ATO representative – NONE of which have posted any reference to price increases – let alone 80 to 100% increases

    I being the type I am see your post as alarmist (read desparate) Sales & Marketing puffery.

    You also did not answer my question – implied – as to where this information has come from. Since AXELOS is posting frequently about its plans and goals… I have yet to see anything remotely resemble your premise that the cost will go up that dramatically

  6. says


    When I wrote this blog, I based my comments on the increases we are seeing from the various Examination Institutes we work with around the world.

    It is our aim to make our colleagues within the ITSM industry aware of these increases so that they can best avoid them. There hasn’t been much information put out about this issue in the ITSM arena and we are seeking to empower our industry colleagues so that they can make informed decisions.



  7. John says

    Funny, you are the only ATO who has stated this. There is no general announcement from AXELOS nor from the other ATOS / EIs that I can find

    Is this merely scaremongering to get sales before the end of the year ?

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