Hackers hit hedge fund

BAE Systems Applied Intelligence has revealed details of a 2013 cyber attack on a large US hedge fund that caused the loss of millions of dollars. Hackers used malware to insert delays of hundreds of milliseconds into the firm’s trading algorithms, disrupting high-speed trading at the unnamed hedge fund for at least two months, and […]

GDPR reforms: mandatory global compliance with new EU data protection regulations

Privacy laws in Europe are tightening. Non-European companies that operate in the EU are currently governed only by the data protection laws of the country in which they are based, but European ministers have now agreed on reforms to the proposed Europe-wide General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) that will make the law applicable to non-European companies that do business in the EU as well as to European companies

Data breach implications, as seen first-hand by Target

Since suffering one of the biggest data breaches in retail history, Target has been struggling to recover its image. Sales in its US stores have decreased by 0.3%, driven by a falling number of transactions. As a result, Target is now cutting its prices in order to drive footfall to stores, even though it will affect profit margins further.

The 5 most common types of data stolen

Cyber attacks have become a regular occurrence in the last few years; in fact, you can’t turn the news on without some mention of a business suffering an attack. Most attacks are fuelled by criminals looking to steal valuable information, but what type of information is being stolen? According to a report by Veracode, the […]

ICO Reports 25% Increase in Data Breaches in Q3

Yesterday the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) published its Q3 statistics, revealing that reported data breaches rose by 25% in the third quarter. The continued upward trend saw 420 reported breaches, up from 397 the previous quarter and a running total of 1144 for the financial year.