Europe’s cyber Achilles heel

The Dutch hacker believed to be responsible for the world’s largest DDoS attack a few weeks ago has been arrested. Apparently he was caught 35km north of Barcelona in an orange van that doubled as a mobile computing office, (in my mind it’s like a  malicious Mystery Machine) remotely controlling his ‘cyber bunker’. Anyone outside […]

UK anti-cyber threat centre to be announced today

The Government will today announce a new Anti-cyber threat centre following a successful pilot in 2012. The intiative will include experts from government communications body GCHQ, MI5, police and businesses with the aim of sharing information on cyber threats including the technical details of an attack, methods used in planning it and how to mitigate and deal with an attack.

UK Government warn UK board members and CEOs about cyber crime threat.

Today, the Government is issuing advice to British business leaders on how to protect themselves from cyber threats. Ministers and officials from communications intelligence agency, GCHQ will stress the importance of a more security-conscious culture for UK companies.

Maximise the next four months with our single source offering

As the holiday season draws to a close we are now entering the longest period of the year with no major ‘known’ disruptions. Staffing levels will be at their peak and a return to normality will be a relief to many. Get the most out of the next four months and make a real difference through the rest of 2012.

MI5 Warning Elevates Cyber Security to the Boardroom

According to a BBC News report published this morning, MI5 are working to counter ‘astonishing’ levels of cyber-attacks on UK industry. Jonathan Evans, MI5 chief, spoke of MI5’s efforts to tackle “‘industrial-scale processes involving many thousands of people lying behind both state sponsored cyber espionage and organised cyber crime”.

Cybersecurity is a critical business issue. Avoid becoming the next Sony

Cybersecurity is a critical business issue that is climbing the agenda in boardrooms everywhere.
This is no surprise considering the high profile media storm that has been building since the Sony hacking scandal. A year has now passed since Sony shut its Playstation Network.

Uncover the Chinese Cyberwarfare Threat

With China having the world’s second largest economy (after the U.S), it is no wonder that the western world sees China as a threat when it comes to cyber warfare. With reason to believe, William T. Hagestad II pulls together a strong argument for the allegation of Chinese Cyberwarfare in his latest title; 21st Century Chinese Cyberwarfare.