Protect your organization from the far-reaching consequences of cyber crime

The recent spate of high-profile data breaches is having a surprisingly significant knock-on effect on the behavior of online shoppers, with 56% of those surveyed by USA Today saying they were now only shopping online with ‘large, well-known companies they were confident were safe’ and 24% admitting they’d stopped shopping online altogether out of fear.

Data breach implications, as seen first-hand by Target

Since suffering one of the biggest data breaches in retail history, Target has been struggling to recover its image. Sales in its US stores have decreased by 0.3%, driven by a falling number of transactions. As a result, Target is now cutting its prices in order to drive footfall to stores, even though it will affect profit margins further.

Hopes for a cyber security bill reboot

US senators met at the beginning of May 2014 to start pushing a bill that allows “companies to share information that could help prevent cybersecurity attacks”. The bill is being pushed by Senate Intelligence Committee Chairwoman Dianne Feinstein, who wants companies to monitor their own network to locate cybersecurity threats. This new bill would grant companies legal protection for sharing such information.

Top 3 ways to get a Ferrari: Unusual cyber crime tactics

Believe it or not, a global organised crime gang has offered its associates a Ferrari for whoever comes up with the best cyber scam to lure in vulnerable victims. This unusual competition shows the lengths cyber crime gangs will go to recruit and retain young technological talent, and how much money is involved in this dark market.